Looking for veg boxes? We are now closed for the season and are currently not open for new orders. We’ll be back with a new selection of fresh veg later on in 2023.


If you’re finding our website difficult to navigate, we hope the tools below will help to make your browsing experience easier. All of these settings will save automatically whenever you change them, but you won’t see any changes until you refresh this page.

Text Hyperlegibility

With this option, you can replace the font that we normally use on our website with “Atkinson Hyperlegible”. This font has been designed by the Braille Institute of America and is designed specifically to increase character recognition.

Text Size

If you’d prefer that the text size was larger, you can enable this setting using the options below.

Text Contrast

You can change the contrast between the colour of the page text and the page’s background colour by using the setting below. Increasing the contrast will darken the text colour from grey to black, and decreasing the contrast will darken the page background colour from white to pale stone.