Looking for veg boxes? We are now closed for the season and are currently not open for new orders. We’ll be back with a new selection of fresh veg later on in 2023.

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While this season’s veg is growing, we’ve taken this opportunity to do some growing of our own — we’re nurturing our website to make it easier than ever to buy our veg.

You can register your interest using the form below, and once our veg is ready to pick and our online stall is ready to take customers and orders, we’ll send you an email to let you know how you can sign up with us and buy our produce.

Rest assured, your details will be held securely and by us only, and we’ll only contact you to confirm your email address and to let you know when we open for orders. After that, we’ll automatically opt you out of receiving further updates. For more information, feel free to read our Privacy Policy. You’ll always be able to opt in again by signing up with us, but until then, watch this space!