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What Are Cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of information that are stored by your web browser when you visit a website, like ours, or use an app. They’re typically used to give each visitor a unique number so that a website can show you content specific to you, for example whenever you log into a site. Cookies don’t tend to contain any personal information in themselves, but are sometimes used by sites to link your activity on a website to other sources of information.

How We Use Cookies

We don’t especially like being tracked around the internet, so we’re not going to track you – no marketing, no advertising, and no analytics. All the details of the Cookies we use, including a description of what they do, are listed below.

Cookie Consent

You are entitled to decide whether you accept our use of Cookies. The capacity in which we use them is described in detail in the “How We Use Cookies” section but, in summary, we only use Cookies that enable core features of our website. You can consent to, or withdraw your consent to, our use of Cookies at any time by using the checkbox below, but please be aware that some features may not be available should you opt out.

First-Party Cookies

These are all the Cookies we use, specifically for our purposes.

This Cookie contains a number that uniquely identifies your browsing session. It is anonymous, randomly generated, and only lasts for as long as you have your web browser open. Whenever you visit our site, a new number is generated. At the moment, it is only used by our behind-the-scenes administration tools.
This Cookie contains a list of settings that you have configured. It is “persistent”, meaning its data is preserved even if you close your browser window, and is not reset whenever you visit the website. The data it currently contains is shown below:
  • Cookie consent = On

Third-Party Cookies

We currently don’t use any third-party services on our website, but should we start using any, the Cookies that they use will be listed here.


We use Cookies on our website for essential purposes only. For information about what we use them for, or to provide or withdraw your consent at any time, please visit our help page on Cookie Information. We also collect personal information on some parts of our site. For more information, please read our Privacy Policy.

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