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Privacy Policy

We try and minimise the data that we collect from you, the user, as far as we possibly can. The sections below talk through the kinds of data that we collect, what we use it for, and how you can manage this data.

On Our Website

What We Collect (First Party)

We don’t collect any information about you whilst you’re browsing our website - we don’t feature any advertising, trackers, or analytics scripts. We do however request some of your personal information if you submit an enquiry through our “Contact Us” webform. We require your name and either your email, phone number, or both, so that we can reply to you. We use this information solely for the purposes of replying to your enquiry; this data is not transferred to any third parties, nor used for any other purposes (such as marketing). The same applies if you were to send us an email directly, rather than using the webform. More information about your rights regarding our use of your information can be found in the “Your Rights” section below. By submitting an enquiry via our “Contact Us” webform, or sending us an email, you signal your consent to these terms.


We use cookies on our website. More information about those can be found on our cookie information page.

What Others Collect (Third Party)

As previously noted, we do not use any advertising, trackers, or analytics scripts on our website. The only third-party script that we do use is Google reCAPTCHA v3, which we use on our “Contact Us” page to determine whether you’re a human or not. We use this to purely to defend our contact information and email inbox against spam robots. Instead of “challenging” you with a checkbox or images to determine that you’re not a robot, this service runs in the background to determine how likely it is that you’re human. To do this, it collects potentially personally identifiable information, such as information about your web browser (including installed fonts and extensions, browser history, screen size, etc.) and your behaviour on the page, and sends it to Google for processing. They do not store this information, but for more information you can have a read of their Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. We only use this service on our “Contact Us” page, and by visiting that page you consent to our use of this service.

Your Rights

You, as the user of our services, are entitled to know about any personal information we hold about you and reserve the right to request that we delete that data. You can enquire about or request the deletion of your data at any time, or find out more information, by contacting us at data@hollyfarmdevon.uk.