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Just a few of the pics from Halloween pumpkins

Monday 6th November, 2023

Following on from the success of our little pumpkin patch and the enthusiasm of the neighbours to see our Halloween display we decided to plant a few more pumpkins this year. And they went mad. The wet summer must be ideal growing conditions for squashes. We lost count after we had moved 850 pumpkins. we had warty ones, white ones, orange ones, huge ones. We opened for sales for 2 weeks leading up to Halloween and we got to meet so many lovely people all looking for the ideal pumpkin. Martin and Joel had far too much fun carving pumpkins of all shapes and sizes. Planning next years display already.

Monday 6th November, 2023

The mild, wet summer has been good for veg growers and we have been very busy with veg boxes. We have had more customers than ever and lots of positive comments about the veg and the customer service. Although we have some veg still growing it is not enough to give a good selection in a veg box so we have decided to stop taking orders for this year. Thank you to all our veg box customers this year and we look forward to seeing you again next year.

Monday 6th November, 2023

After a tricky start to the year with very hot dry weather just when we were sowing seeds then torrential rain and high winds I only went and won First prize for 'Selection of Garden Produce' at the village show.

Saturday 15th July, 2023

Just taken a few minutes to appreciate the beautiful flowers on the farm at the moment.

Monday 10th July, 2023

So pleased with the garlic harvest this year.

Thursday 6th July, 2023

I have finally got round to updating our news. We have been so busy I forget to take pictures. Our second batch of quail were far more successful and have now gone in the 'quaviary'. Hopefully we will have some eggs soon. The Hebridean sheep on the top field have stated to lamb and we have ploughed up the next bit of field ready for the 'pumpkin patch' . Not to mention all the seed sowing, transplanting and weeding.

Sunday 23rd April, 2023
St Mary's Church, Axminster

We made it! What a huge effort to plant 400 trees before the end of March. Thank you to all the friends, neighbours and family that helped out. Martin and I really appreciate the support

Saturday 4th March, 2023

Meet 2 of our new residents. After 20 days of anxiously watching the incubator we have successfully hatched 16 quail. They will join the 4 we already have in a new 'quaviary' and we are hoping we will be able to start selling their eggs a little later in the year.

Saturday 4th March, 2023

It's that time of year again - the farm is winding down for Christmas, so we are closing for orders until next season. We'd like to thank everyone who's bought our veg, eggs, or honey this year, and we look forward to seeing you all again in 2023. Merry Christmas!

Friday 23rd December, 2022

Pumpkin season is here. Considering they had very little water over the summer they have done really well. We think the biggest one is well over 50kg!! It was all we could do to roll it to the edge of the pumpkin field and pick it up on the tractor. The display on the front of the farm is certainly proving a talking point.

Saturday 8th October, 2022
St Mary's Church, Axminster

We have started the next project on Holly Farm. We have begun to landscape the area cleared by the pigs to make a woodland garden. Its a very shady area surrounded on three sides by Devon banks. Martin has levelled the ground and taken out the few remaining plants left by the pigs. (They obviously don't like teasles). We've put in a winding path and bought some white bark birch trees. We're hoping to fill the area with native woodland plants. Hopefully will look amazing in the spring.

Saturday 8th October, 2022

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